7 Beliefs to Fire Your Boss-Hole in 2014

SDThis is a picture of my beautiful girl taken in sunny San Diego. Since we’re both full-time entrepreneurs and 2014 is here, I wanted to give you 7 ways to fire your Boss-Hole. Ya know, so you can kick off your year strong. But, you may not actually have a boss you hate. That’s ok, because these ideas will still work.

It’s just that most people head to work hating what they do and never get to do what they really love. Sound good? Let’s jump into it.

WAY 1: Believe you do what you love

What is your soul really calling you to do? You can monetize anything. This is the year to learn new skills, or surround yourself with those who are already doing what you love.

WAY 2: Believe you have courage

Don’t stay stuck in a job you hate because of fear. You’re infinite and a spiritual being. This could be the best year for you to step into the unknown.

WAY 3: Believe you are worth it

Get into action mode. Don’t be afraid to make bold moves.

WAY 4: Believe your past does not define you

Break the routine. Monday through Friday is not for you. Whatever excuses you’ve come up with in the past, now is the time to breakthrough those fears.

WAY 5:  Believe fear is a liar

What if you step out and everything falls apart? Big deal, you adjust and move on. Don’t let fear keep you in a job you hate sucking your soul away.

WAY 6:  Believe you’re bigger

Love your boss-hole, because the only way you’ll fire them is to outgrown them. You have to outgrow your current circumstances.

WAY 7: Believe in your new vision

You have a new vision for your life in 2014. Go boldly after it young buck.


Love & Gratitude,



PS: I would love to hear some of your 2014 goals. Which one are you in love with the most?

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  1. Brad January 2, 2014 at 2:38 am #

    Very succinct and to the point! Great post, thanks for sharing, Ryan.

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