15 Things You Should Give Up To Succeed In Network Marketing

15 Things You Should Give Up To Succeed In Network Marketing


What do you need to give up?

Join a home business and make a bunch of money. Life will be great then right? Everything stays the same but you’re making way more money.

Except it doesn’t really work like that.

Here Goes….

#1. Give up your need to be right. It will cost you thousands.

#2. Give up taking all the credit. No one person creates a successful team.

#3. Give up hanging around losers. Be around positive people.

#4. Give up your fear of rejection. No doesn’t mean no, just not right now.

#5. Give up re-inventing the wheel. Learn from others who have succeeded before you.

#6. Give up on TV. The infamous automatic income reducer.

#7. Give up taking advice from broke people. Hint, Hint again, find a good mentor.

#8. Give up procrastination. What are you waiting for?

#9. Give up on failing. If you need help, admit it and get help FAST.

#10. Give up on blaming others. Take 100% responsibility of your results.

#11. Give up on being optimistic. Upgrade your skill-sets.

#12. Give up making it about you. Start helping others.

#13. Give up on excuses. You’re bigger than them.

#14. Give up being nice. Challenge people to break their “routines.”

#15. Give up selling. Focus on raising people up instead.


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Why Americans Buy More Stuff They Don’t Need

Why Americans Buy More Stuff They Don’t Need


$1.2 trillion: How much Americans spend annually on goods and services they don’t absolutely need. Now, I’m a Canadian and I can imagine we’re up in numbers also because let’s be honest…this is a big time North American Challenge.

This is a HUGE deal, especially if your goal is to make money money from your business. You could easily fall into this spending trap also. Maybe you’re there right now.

***Warning*** Nobody is perfect, and everyone of us has or is experiencing a degree of this, myself included. But in order to embrace our darkness, we must bring in the light. 😉

So here’s the deal: We’re trying to fill a VOID. (And it’s a bottomless pit) 

Whether we want to admit it or not, we’re all spiritual beings. If we’re missing that connection to our source internally, we start trying to FEEL that connection externally. No one and nothing can can give us that connection we yearn either consciously or unconsciously expect directly through God. (or whatever gives you connection: The Universe, The Divine, ect)

So what do North Americans do to feel an OUNCE of connection? Have sex with people they don’t love, take excess amounts of prescribed or illegal drugs, spend money they don’t have, watch porn, drink alcohol, try to become overachievers or eat foods that damages their health.

All to try to fill that hole in their soul, because that hole is so freakin’ huge. No man, woman, or thing is big enough to fill this tremendous space.

This is why so many American’s keep spending, spending, spending on more stuff they don’t need. We are trying to fill a VOID the size of the Atlantic Ocean. So we can try, but we will ultimately fail because absolutely no outer thing – I mean nothing – can fill the connection we’re missing internally.

The more spiritually connected you become, the less you’ll crave that ZAP of “feeling good” from the instant gratification of buying stuff.

The best investment for having a successful 2014 you can make is into yourself.

Go rock it my friend, stay connected and on your path! 


Love & Gratitude,


PS: I would love to hear your thoughts below, can you see this in your life?

7 Beliefs to Fire Your Boss-Hole in 2014

7 Beliefs to Fire Your Boss-Hole in 2014

SDThis is a picture of my beautiful girl taken in sunny San Diego. Since we’re both full-time entrepreneurs and 2014 is here, I wanted to give you 7 ways to fire your Boss-Hole. Ya know, so you can kick off your year strong. But, you may not actually have a boss you hate. That’s ok, because these ideas will still work.

It’s just that most people head to work hating what they do and never get to do what they really love. Sound good? Let’s jump into it.

WAY 1: Believe you do what you love

What is your soul really calling you to do? You can monetize anything. This is the year to learn new skills, or surround yourself with those who are already doing what you love.

WAY 2: Believe you have courage

Don’t stay stuck in a job you hate because of fear. You’re infinite and a spiritual being. This could be the best year for you to step into the unknown.

WAY 3: Believe you are worth it

Get into action mode. Don’t be afraid to make bold moves.

WAY 4: Believe your past does not define you

Break the routine. Monday through Friday is not for you. Whatever excuses you’ve come up with in the past, now is the time to breakthrough those fears.

WAY 5:  Believe fear is a liar

What if you step out and everything falls apart? Big deal, you adjust and move on. Don’t let fear keep you in a job you hate sucking your soul away.

WAY 6:  Believe you’re bigger

Love your boss-hole, because the only way you’ll fire them is to outgrown them. You have to outgrow your current circumstances.

WAY 7: Believe in your new vision

You have a new vision for your life in 2014. Go boldly after it young buck.


Love & Gratitude,



PS: I would love to hear some of your 2014 goals. Which one are you in love with the most?

$275,000 Intuitive Decision – Turn Your Idea Into Cash Going Into 2014

$275,000 Intuitive Decision – Turn Your Idea Into Cash Going Into 2014

ryan1I want to tackle a topic today that will guide you to wealth. It’s called your intuition. I’m going to teach you how to be in flow and guided to turn your ideas into cash.

Do you lack self-confidence in your decisions?

Do you ever wonder if you’re making the “right” choices?

A couple years ago I had an intuitive hit to start my home based business. Fast forward to today and that decision has helped us earn over $275,000 in commissions. $250,000 in straight commissions and $25,000 in bonuses.

Pretty cool right? Here’s the deal though, when I had the intuitive hit to make that decision I was scared out of my mind! I was deathly afraid of failing at yet another thing. To top it off, I was completely broke behind six months on every bill I had.

Recently I had the same intuitive hit to write “Scared, Broke & Hungry: 5-Steps to Breakthrough Procrastination and Triple Your Home Business Income in 60 Days.” Two months ago I started writing without knowing why, I just felt intuitively I had to and officially launch everything to you, December 26th for a 3 day only exclusive offer. 

I know it will also be a huge success.

Both times I had the “gut” feeling to take action. You know what I’m talking about! That’s your intuition. When it’s not there, you’ll always say; “something doesn’t feel right.” Both times it felt RIGHT.

So here’s the deal. I know you also get these intuitive hits and you probably have ideas you’d like to turn into cash. But what do we do? Brush it off like it’s no big deal. “Oh, it’s just an idea.” How may times have you done this to yourself only to see someone else take action on it?

When you have an idea your intuition is the first thought, your logic is the second.


That intuitve hit you get comes from God himself. In fact, I believe none of the ideas we come up with are ours. I believe we’re a vessel to express that higher power, whatever it looks like. So you really have to TRUST in both yourself and that higher power because it’s an expression and expansion of consciousness.

Let go of what you think is the right decision and TRUST that you’ve been chosen to fulfill this idea because you didn’t think of the idea, you’re simply fulfilling it.


When building my home business I am in flow. While I was writing Scared, Broke & Hungry I was in flow. Things will be easy and effortless. There won’t be any major hangups or stumbling blocks. If you do, you’ll find a solution very quickly. This is how you KNOW you’re on the right path. If you’re not, it will feel like you’re going upstream and there’s a challenge at every corner.


I only take action when I feel in flow because then I know it’s coming from a higher space. If I’m feeling off, depleted or just having a rough day I won’t take action on my ideas. Why? Most people believe they have to THINK of ideas. The truth is, all we have to do is download it. The idea is already created. If I’m not feeling inspired or creative because I’m having an “off” day then I know my action (or content) is not coming from a higher place. It will only be coming from my analytical mind.

See, the Universe is abundant. All we have to do is learn how to EXPRESS it properly. You can turn ANY idea into cash if you understand it’s never your idea, and that it’s simply an expression from higher consciousness. That’s how you always follow your intuition.

Whatever idea you have, take action on it immediatly because that’s the gifts The Universe wants YOU to express.

ACTION STEP: This week ONLY make decisions from your first intuitive thought. Those decisions will not always be business building choices. It may be turning left instead of right to find a closer parking lot at the grocery store. Train your mind this week to make ALL decisions based on your intuition.

Do you have an idea you’d love to turn into cash? I’d love to hear below.

In Gratitude,



3 Ways To Overcome Fear & Boost Your Confidence Now

3 Ways To Overcome Fear & Boost Your Confidence Now


I’m writing this to you just hours before speaking in front of 50+ business owners about mindset. The catch? I found out I’m training these amazing people just 24 hours ago!

This got me thinking.

What is my intention heading into this training. Am I focused on serving and helping others, or am I focused on my own fears of rejection?

If you’re anything like me, I’m always concerned if people will like me. In fact, this is something I’ve struggled with for years inside business.

It’s a people pleasing mentality surrounding the fear of rejection.

“What if these people don’t vibe with me and they don’t like me?”

“What if it’s awkward because I just don’t have enough knowledge yet?”

These are the kinds of fears that keep us broke, stuck and frustrated with life. Because we’re not focused on other people. We’re focused on “I”.

So I would love to know, will this help you?

If you take you’re focus off “I” and onto solving other people’s problems will that make an impact in your business?

Remember that the most successful entrepreneurs of the world solve problems.


In Gratitude,



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Stressed About Money? 3 Simple Ways To End Your Money Fear Now

Stressed About Money? 3 Simple Ways To End Your Money Fear Now


I just finished planning a 10 day trip in December to Encinitas, California to ring in the New Year. I’m so excited about it!

This got me thinking.

I’ve been to San Diego three times before. Twice when I was broke and more recently once when I wasn’t.

Planning this trip earning five times more income now, compared to the past two times has been vasty different!

In past years I used to think;

“It’s so expensive can I afford it right now?”

“Even if I get down there, how am I going to afford food and accommodation?”

One of the most common fears I hear from people is their money fear. They just can’t do the things they want to do in life and are constantly thinking lack.

I completely understand because it was a huge fear of mine too. That’s why I chose to change my life, hustle like crazy and earn more money.

Money gives you options.

Maybe just like you, I’m working on becoming financially free too. But I did take my income from $20,000/year to $133,000/year in 24 months working from home.

I don’t say that to brag. It’s what’s possible for you too. If I can achieve it, so can you.

I know today’s training on “3 Simple Ways To End Your Money Fear Now” will help you because it helped me 6X my income. More importantly, ease the mind chatter of stress.

Are you starting to get a sense where you’re stuck? One acronym for F.E.A.R. is; False Evidence Appearing Real.

The thing is, when you’re stressed about money it’s VERY real!

So in today’s comments below I really need your input. The best way for me to give you the highest value videos I can, they have to be relevant to what YOU want!

Or I’ll just be creating videos that don’t serve you, and won’t make a difference in your life.

So, here are your three questions to comment below with;

  1. What do you want?
  2. Why do you want it?
  3. What’s stopping you?

Just incase you missed writing these down, here are the 3 questions from today’s video for you to take notes on.

1. What Is The Gift? – Your mess is your message

2. Am I being honest? – Write down the problem then only list solutions.

3. When Is My Escape Date? – Set a goal, Pick a date and expand your vision.


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PS: Thank you for being amazing, caring, courageous, giving and a heck of a lot of fun to be around!