How To Create A Fulfilling Life

I’m happy to be back in San Diego! Last week I was in Atlanta being mentored by leadership expert John C. Maxwell. Talk about MIND BLOW! That was amazing, but what really got my attention was a conversation I had with my friend Aaron Fortner. He’s a multi-millionaire spiritual entrepreneur and network marketer. It was [...]

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Why Is Success So Hard? Watch This…

Do you ever feel like becoming successful is just too hard? Maybe it will happen for you……one day? When I first started in Network Marketing I saw possibilities to easily change my life.¬†As a bit of time went by I started to realize this may be harder than I thought! But you already committed, you [...]

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Living Without Fear In Your Home Business

Do you struggle with fear in your home business? Pitching your opportunity to others will bring up your personal fear story. You know what I mean right? Being worried if this person will accept you, like you, or resist what you have to offer. These are all normal feelings, but here’s the thing. Most people [...]

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