It’s great to be here with you.  I wish we could connect on a deeper level but I’ll do my best to be with you over text.

You may be seeing a lot of changes in your life, and changes in the people around you.  Since Dec 22, 2012 humanity has been on an accelerated process of spiritual growth.

Anything inauthentic is falling apart.  Basically we’re making room for unity consciousness.  You may be seeing an increased shift with people losing their jobs, wanting to change businesses, and leaving relationships.

This is all part of the process to “open space” for aligning your vibration with your souls highest calling.  So you could say there’s a purging happening right now to assist humanity to evolve.

Never in our entire timeline has humanity evolved at the rate it is now.


What’s Does This Mean?

My personal spiritual growth has accelerated dramatically.  I feel much more deeply connected to source.  I feel that my life is in flow and there is an energy that flows through me to my clients and those around me.

I feel joy, peace, love, fulfilment and freedom.  Above all else, I feel a connection to all of humanity and mother earth.

It’s important to understand it’s expected by 2032 humanity will no longer support the egos way of acting out.  The veil of separation is being lifted and we’re being guided to a higher consciousness.

Over the next sixteen years we can expect this process to accelerate even faster.  If you’re reading this you’ve been feeling or seeing these shifts.

It’s a long story (too long for this post) but it dates back 260,000 years to the project of the Golden Era of Atlantis.

I’m writing this post to you in hopes it awakens a memory within you.

So let’s jump into it, here are the seven veils humanity is currently in the process of lifting.


Veil #7 – Awakening 

The first veil is the process of awakening our soul.  We start to take responsibility for everything in our life.  We no longer believe that God lives outside of us but rather within us through our belief system.

As we take responsibility we stand in our power, the veil is removed and our spiritual journey has truly started.  We see our purpose and existence from a higher perspective.

In this vibration we know we have choices and can transform anything we wish.  We no longer live within the confines of our limitations or story.


Veil #6 – Emotional Forgiveness 

Probably the most difficult veil to lift and I’m currently in the process of this one.  It involves completely detaching from ego.  It’s the initiation of losing everything dear to us and having to surrender our heart.

To lift this veil we have to embrace that we are all one.  I am not separate from you.  To lift this veil we have to do the deep forgiveness work on ourselves and others.  Forgiveness is the pathway to freedom.  By going in and doing the deeper forgiveness work we’ll ascend out of the lower vibrations of separation, blame, resentment, and transition into unity, love, and joy.

This has been the primary focus in my life for the last three years.


Veil #5 – Body Identification 

Most people identify themselves as their body.  However, you are much more than that.  The body is simply a training device for the mind and all minds are joined as one.  This was a hard veil for me to lift, especially since I’ve always been attached to my looks.

This is a big process of releasing our egos attachments to our body identification.  When we identify ourselves as our body we see ourselves separate from the whole.  I’ve had to do (and continue to do) a lot of work lifting this veil and loving my body exactly as it is.


Veil #4 – Spirit Beings 

This is when we realize there are spiritual beings outside of us.  We understand the different dimensional levels, elementals, angels, and the thousands of other species that exist hidden to us within different vibrations.  We understand these different vibrations are all interwoven as one.

In this space we no longer believe we’re alone, and we open up the channel of support and help from the higher vibrations of life.


Veil #3 – Mother Earth

Lifting this veil means we understand animals, insects, trees, plants and everything on Mother Earth is alive and intentional.  They are all on their own soul journey.  I’ve always had a deep connection to animals and plants.

Humanity must move into a consciousness of having love for the animal and elemental kingdom.  It is imperative that we work with Mother Earth from a deep space of love to transcend duality and separation.   The animals on Mother Earth are much more conscious than humanity is.  All plants and animals on Mother Earth (even including the water in the oceans) are fifth-dimensional.  This transition happened in 2012, which means everything is vibrating higher than humanity.

Currently we vibrate at the fourth-dimension but Mother Earth is recreating the illusion we live in the third-dimension.  Over the next sixteen years we’ll transition into the unity consciousness of the fifth-dimension.  This is why all animals hold a great deal of wisdom that we can learn from instead of treating them as less than humans.


Veil #2 – Ascended Masters

Behind the scenes there are plenty of Ascended Masters and Archangels helping to support our ascension process.  They are working tirelessly to wake up humanity and return to unity consciousness.  As we lift this veil we start co-operating with them for the highest good of the planet.

I’m fortunate to have been in the process of lifting this veil as of late.  I’m currently working with Archangel Metatron, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Butyalil to support humanity with our ascension process.  Much of my coaching involves doing my part to raise the vibration of humanity for the highest good of the planet.

Once humanity understands there are thousands of spiritually advanced beings around for support we’ll transition into true oneness.


Veil #1 – True Oneness 

This is a big one.  Once we lift this veil hold on for the ride!  This veil is the understanding that everything in the cosmos is connected to everything on earth.  The stars, mother earth, plants, trees, animals, and humans are all woven into the fabric of life.  Once this veil is lifted we will have peace on earth.  Everyone will understand we are one with everything.

Once this veil is lifted humanity will realize Heaven is not something out there, but instead within all of us.

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