I’m writing to you while being back in Vancouver, Canada…..for a bit.

I was in Sedona, Azizona over the last few days and I’ve had some WILD spiritual experiences to say the least.

I shot this video for you on the top of Bell Rock. The entire rock is an energy vortex and I had some really trippy experiences up there.

The rock has a balance of masculine and feminine energy. You can actually FEEL IT just sitting up there.

You know what else? Bell Rock has the highest UFO sightings in all of North America. So of course I had to shoot a video for you from here! lol.

“Sedona also has one of the highest concentrations of UFO sightings in the United States. Some say the aliens are attracted to the magnetism in the red-rock spires. Many of these sighting have been near the four major vortex areas—with over fifty at Bell Rock alone.”

Growing up I was always a weird kid.

I was really obsessed with finding the purpose to life.

Maybe you can relate.

Anyways, I want you to know it’s OK to be weird. I’m an Indigo Child (You can Google it) and most Indigo Children have immense amount of spiritual gifts. Unfortunately our society isn’t setup to support people like this. Indigo Children typically get A+ marks in school or the exact opposite, they fail at almost everything.

For me it was failing. I dropped out of high school in grade eleven because I just couldn’t get it right.

The babies coming into the world today are called Crystal Children and Rainbow Children.” Basically they’re like little Buddhas. lol. They’re incredibly conscious beings (not from this earth) with physic powers that will really blow your mind. Over the next few years you’ll be able to see kids do things you thought were impossible.

Back to the story…..fast forward to today and I’m realizing I’ve always had a TON of spiritual gifts but I didn’t know how to use them….or I wasn’t even aware that I had them.

I’m emailing you because a lot of people think I’m “woo woo” out there. But the truth is I have a very high intuition, I can channel energy, and I have a lot of psychic abilities.

Most Indigo Children were born after 1975, and around 1985, 80-90% of the children being born were indigo children. We’re from a different Universe and were called here to support the shift in consciousness. It’s a long story! But basically we are bold, determined, and willing to have a strong point of view to return to unity consciousness. We’re the trail blazers!

Which makes total sense why I’ve always has a strong pull to be an entrepreneur, coach, and leader to help change people’s belief systems.

After posting several “woo woo” type posts on social media and receiving an overwhelming response of likes and comments I’m realizing that MANY of you feel the same way.

I feel honoured and grateful to “do my than!” and give others permission to “do their thang!”

I’m telling you all of this because the entire world is shifting. More people are wanting to embrace their “weird” spiritual side that most of society judges.

I just wanted to let you know it’s O.K.

Express yourself.

Be yourself.

Be weird.

We need you exactly as you are. Don’t hide your true self.

You may be wondering how this is all connected to business. Um Yeah….it’s ALL connected. It’s expressing your true self!

As you do this you liberate others to do the same.

Now go share your “weirdness” with the world. 😉


With Love,

Ryan Yokome

Founder | Money & Miracles
Breakthrough Coaching


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