I’m writing to you as I get ready for my first visit to Sedona, Arizona! This was a totally unexpected trip but when the Universe calls me to do something I know it’s time to go!

I have Sedona, Egypt, Peru, Australia, and Mt. Shasta, California all on my spiritual list of places I’m called to visit in the near future.

I fly out in a couple days and I wanted to write to you before I leave. Kris and I (my significant other) are heading over there together. The last few days I’ve had people ask me WHY I’m going there…..my response?….. I don’t know. LOL!

I had a deep intuitive hit to go while in a meditation.Trust The Process.Trust The Process.Trust The Process.

I just lean into where God needs me to go. So I booked the flights and travel plans with one weeks notice and we’re off Tuesday. I know it’s to deepen my spiritual journey.

The last time I felt this I lived in San Diego, and that birthed my coaching business. The next journey is to Sedona, Arizona!

I’m emailing you because plenty of my clients, friends, and family remembers have been experiencing massive amount of resistance, fears, doubts, and insecurities within themselves and their business……OR……the exact opposite has been happening with people. You might feel totally connected and in flow like you’ve never felt in years!

I shot this video for you to explain the shift in Unity Consciousness we’re experiencing right now. I’ve never gone this deep spiritually on video before but I felt compelled to share with you now.

I really deeply feel the entire world is experiencing this shift. I’m positive I’ll come back with more details after my Sedona trip to strengthen what’s going on in the world.

I’ll keep you posted with an email when I’m back! For now be sure to watch this video I shot for you.


With Love,

Ryan Yokome
Founder | Money & Miracles
Breakthrough Coaching

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