Do you struggle with fear in your home business?

Pitching your opportunity to others will bring up your personal fear story. You know what I mean right? Being worried if this person will accept you, like you, or resist what you have to offer.

These are all normal feelings, but here’s the thing.

Most people run away from fear. If you don’t move through the resistance the fear will continue to show up in your life. Exercise in courage is the way to develop courage.

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And in order to do that, you have to face your fears. Fear is an illusion and what do most home business owners do? Fear the worst!

The mind will always assume the worst. This will keep you stuck, frustrated and spinning your wheels with in business.

Here’s a simple question to ask yourself today to help identify your fear.

Is anything bothering me today? If yes, Why?

Find out what it is, and make a decision to face it head on. Pick up the phone, meet the person, do the meeting. Whatever is freakin’ you out most, just do it!

I think you’ll enjoy this FREE Video training I did. How To Make More Money From Home The Spiritual Way. It’s about 10 minutes and you’ll get a lot of value how to breakthrough fear.


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