Are you a spiritual seeker but you struggle to get ahead financially?

I certainly hope this video I just uploaded will help you!

Here’s how you can create more money and abundance.

From working with dozens of clients I’ve learned there’s typically two beliefs that stop people from making money doing what they love.

  1. The belief that it’s not right to make money from doing what you love. (But it’s right to make money doing what you dislike.)
  2. The belief that this never enough money and you have to be careful with what you have. (This is a lack mentality that recreates more lack in your life.)

How do you change these beliefs?

Well, you need to move into responsibility.

Most spiritual seekers are afraid to take responsibility of their lives, and give away their power.

  • I’ll take action when the stars line up
  • I have to wait until I see a sign
  • If it’s meant to be it will happen

This is the clever little ego tricking you to deflect money and miracles.


To keep you safe and in your comfort zone.

What should you do next? Please take action with what I recommended in today’s video.

And keep me posted!

Much love,

Ryan Yokome
Money & Miracles
Breakthrough Coaching

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